Be Happy About Your Desition

Liberty Park
The United States Democratic Party made the decision to run their midterm election under minding the Presidents achievements. This decision was the platform for which they thought would help them defeat Republicans in the midterm elections. Oh what a mistake that was.

Instead of running a campaign that reflects the achievement the President accomplished that turned this Country around from collapsing. They painted the picture to the public that President Obama is failing to meet what the American people want from him. As a Black President, the White Republicans despise him and can not stand for him to accomplish anything. However, he has defied them with doing what they said he is not capable of doing, successfully running the Country despite their disruptive opposition to ward him.

If the American people who dislike the President would pay more attention to how Republicans do nothing to engage the President in comprehensive reform. They would know that the problem is definitely on the Republicans denying him from achieving anything that would insure confidence that he want to make this Country better. Republicans Shut down the Government and during the midterm elections this was not brought up. Even all the Republican disrespectful remarks made about President Obama was not addressed either. As much as President Obama tried to work with the Republicans before the midterm elections. Republican treated him as a Black man who didn’t know his place in a white society and displaced him as slave owners did back in the time of slavery.

If it wasn’t for MSNBC keeping on top of the mentality of the Republican Party everyone would be brain washed by the media networks against President Obama. States across the south and mid-west cities acquire a double standard when it comes to the law between Blacks and Whites. I wish there was a better way to distinguish how people racially label Black and White people. It is only because how this country always want a person to label them self in a application form. Every nationality is considered White where as a Black person would have to check off African American ( which means Black). Other can apply but what is other. Education; the Republicans only move favorably for the wealthy White people. While keeping things the way they wont it for everyone else. Young people abandon education to deal drugs, become Rap artist and continue to fill up the jails. College athletes (White and Black) are under the radar when it comes to education. Education is offered but usually can take the back seat when a person goes to college on a athletic scholarship.

This may not be what some people will wont to accept, but being wrong can out way the good when people can not stand up for what is right. Confusing the issue because you don’t like someone or some thing doesn’t make it fair to block out what you really stand for, and what you stand for means a lot. Hiding behind lies and deception doesn’t make you right.

Look at another perspective. President Obama has promised action on immigration, climate change and the economy. But Republicans have promised to fight him all the way. You really must look at this clip>