Mysterious Three Sided Tree

Three trees cluster together in the middle of a road in Barbados. The trunk and branches rap around each other as if to support themselves from falling down, embracing the thought frozen in time. As they have no leaves that would suggest life, they have strong roots and limbs that reach up high in the air reaching through other surrounding trees.
Imagine, what comes to your mind about such a Mysterious Cluster of Trees after looking at this image I captured.

Mysterious Three Sided Tree
Mysterious Three Sided Tree

The Peace Express (By Beryl Kunilango)

My wife wanted me to blog her Peace Express e-book for her. Please give a warm hello to my wife.

I was Inspired to write The Peace Express back in 2003. Because of all the unrest in the world today My husband and I wanted to use this platform to share the E-Book with Word Press readers.

I initially, intended on engaging a graphic artist to do the illustrations for the book, when it suddenly occurred to me, why not have kids do them.

The end result being that they could draw on their own experiences and express their feelings, through my words.

I approached Beryl Bailey, the Principal at P. S. 195 where my nephew attends. She was delighted with the idea. Joanne Witz, the school’s librarian introduced me to the kids and helped me coordinate the project.

Children need to feel that they can voice their opinion on how they feel. They want to have peace and feel safe to pursue their dreams.

We as Parents, teachers and elective officials should encourage open dialogue with our children on the subject of peace. Let them know that we share their concerns also and we will work diligently to find solutions to ensure that they have a future.

Anyone can download ‘The Peace Express’ E-Book and look inside to see what the kids had to say back in the year of two thousand seven. My husband has made this possible from off his web page. In order for this to happen he ask that you register for the download. 

The Peace Express
6th Graders Contributed to this Book

The illustrations will impress you. We also would like you to show your support by feeling the same way for the kids.

Note: The Peace Express is copyrighted. Downloading this PDF E-Book does not give exclusive rights to forward, reduplicate or sell it, without permission from the author Beryl E Kunilango.

Register for the downloadDownload location

If you decide that you would want a free paperback publication, Contact the author by email:
Thank you for your support and enjoy the e-book.

Best regards
Mr. & Mrs. Nsasi and Beryl Kunilango

‘What Time It Is’ (Does Anyone Know)

I can remember a period in my life, how certain phrases were used to comment about negative events that had consequences because many people were rendered oblivious to the real facts. There is one phrase that I would like to share with (readers) you. It goes like this: ‘Does Anyone Know What Time It Is’?

That particular phrase refers to someone, whose mind has gone dormant, asleep or in other words, the elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top.

Now, I live in the U.S. where wealthy Republican Tea Party Government Officials control a part of our Government called Congress. These men and woman would rather shut down the U.S. Government and stall the progress of the President who is trying to accomplish fair practices for all American citizens in this country. They are bent on blocking meaningful legislation presented to them by the President and the Senate, which is another sector in our Government. The reason is so obvious. What Time Is It! Does Anyone Know? Well, when certain conditions that prevent people from achieving prosperity and are ignored because of prejudices, we should be saying to one another that the time for change is now. That’s what time it is.

Would time stand still when certain aspects of nature renders itself dormant? No! Nature doesn’t work like that. However, consider how the mind can be put to sleep or rendered dormant. Would your body cease to function? Whommm, good question. I also wonder at times, that when we are indulging in our pleasures of life, how many of us are aware of the fact that the distractions around us, hypnotizes the mind. Would that prevent people from realizing what state of mind they are living in? When anyone of us is capable of not becoming a conformist, you would know what time it is. Mind games are always being played on us. The numbing of people’s minds, is another way (in my opinion) that keeps us from realizing the pain others are enduring.

World Peace
If your elevator goes to the top.

In conclusion, I would wish that all conscious minded, non-conformist people around the globe would find a way to communicate, and establish a set precedent that would get everyone to be on the same page regardless of time zones. This would let our perspective politicians know that without people, they will not make another dime. They should be made to understand that by not doing the right thing by us we could strike until they start working with us and not against us. Let’s let them know we want to stop playing mind games before we destroy our selves.

From my perspective, when people are not in control of their own destiny, they adhere to decisions made that are not in their best interest. Our oppressors are the people who are delusional and will never know What Time It Is.
I’m looking for this blog to become an open discussion.

Responses Pertaining To My Post

call for peace
The situation going on in Ferguson, USA in my opinion should be discussed and comments should be given on the subject regardless of who the Author is. Understanding other people views lends to awareness. From my point of view, the situation going on in Ferguson is meant for things to get out of hand. I have listened on the news and herd one White women say that “nobody is on the same page.” Which means one group of law enforcers would have a more peaceful approach toward the people on the street while other police groups reacts to the same group of people on the contrary. What would anyone think about that? If the Governor, Mayer and the Ferguson Police Department where on the same page and really wanted to de-escalate thing, they would be guarding the stores to prevent the looting (which appears to be by outsiders), and represent to the citizens who live in Ferguson that they are also protecting them.
Also there has been numerous shootings and gun rallies have taken place at Kroger brand stores in recent years. The company policies that have enabled this to happen are not in line with its core values, which include creating a “safe and secure workplace and shopping environment.”
I just added my name to a petition to Kroger stores calling on them to issue a policy against people openly carrying guns in their stores. I think you and your community should sign too:

Thanks! Nsasi

To Whom Does The Blame Belong On – The Shooters Or The Victims

call for peace
As put by Cliff Kincaid 8/18/14, “The images and scenes we continue to see in Ferguson resemble war more than traditional police action,” wrote Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) in the Time magazine. The allegations about the “militarization” of police were picked up by dozens of media outlets, on the left and right, and made the libertarian Republican Senator into a media darling. But they were designed to make the police look bad for protecting themselves and their community. – It turns out that the “militarization of police” is a sensational term for police officer safety in the face of drug gangs, crazy gunmen and race riots.
On Saturday August 16th suggested that law enforcement might be working at cross-purposes as tensions again mount. To further insight the protesters, there are conflicting reports regarding why the police officer shot and killed Michael Brown. First it was that a video was release showing Brown robbing a convenience store for cigars. In another news release Brown was said to have robbed a liquor store. One more statement was that Brown was being stopped for jaywalking and not for a robbery. The attempt to justify Police killing and beating Black people by criminalizing them after the fact is coincidental. The Police code of conduct is to protect their own even if it means painting the victim as a violent of a crime to justify any action that was taken. This is a stigma that plays out well when a white Police Officer kills a Black Person. With the constant attacks on Blacks by white Police only infuses the hatred between the two. I know for a few of us, when the topic comes up, racism is always an excuse. We can’t keep running from the truth now that it is played out for everyone to see. It just keep happening over and over. Ferguson is on notice, watch this to see for yourself> link

If in a cases a Black Policemen kills a unarmed White Person (not something I am aware of), the Police Officer would have to relinquish his gun and badge pending investigation. Up to date, all across this country, when a Black man is shot and or killed by a White man with a legel fire arm gets to hold on to his weapon pending an investigation. Trayvon Martin is a prime example. When Blacks are looked upon and treated as they are less than a human beings, deprived of civil rights and fair access to jobs along with providing the lack of proper education for Black children, corralling them to grow up in substandard living conditions.

When you have young Blacks be told about the death of Maya Angelou an African American author, publisher, poet, dancer, actress and singer only get major news coverage of her death from only the Black Media. It adds up to another insult that reminds them that even when you show what you are made of, it doesn’t matter if you are not White.

If a sealed container is kept under pressure what happens. It explodes because it can only hold its composure as long as the pressure doesn’t exceed above a certain point. I call it the breaking point. If someone doesn’t have one, it isn’t human.
I read this statement by Ed Warren who wrote: “Diabolical forces are formidable. These forces are external, and they exist today. The fary tale is true, the Devil exist. God exist, and for us, as people, our very destiny hinges upon which one we elect to follow.”
Personally, I took at what Mr. Warren said and applied it to mean that two different mantalities exist. One is diabolical forces that are determined to distroy life, while the other is hinged on preserve life.

On the streets of Ferguson, Mo., and perhaps in parts of the rest of America, it’s felt as a fundamental injustice, perceptible by the sense of touch that no one with the power to do anything cares about the unarmed black teenager, dead on a Midwestern street, the victim of police gunshots!

A Protest On Michael Brown Shooting

Greetings to all my Blogger followers.
This is going to be a brief posting about a white Police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, (USA) who shot and killed a 18 year old Black man, and after four days the Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson will not release the name of the officer who shot Michael Brown. By law in the U.S., his actions are illegal and his implementation of Police dressed for combat gear to use deadly force if necessary to stop protesters from protesting against the killing. Read more and watch the video from MSNBC (Politics Nation).