In the 90’s I started doing media Press and while on an assignments in 1992 for the Spike Lee’s Malcolm X premiere at the Apollo Theater, in Harlem N Y.

X carved in Frozen Ice
While on assignment in 1992 at Apollo Theater.

I took this picture of the frozen X (carved out of Ice) in the lobby. The backdrop of some of the entertainers who performed there added to the history of the Apollo Theater for me to capture something so unique. This image became a time capsule for me. I don’t imagine any one else captured it (if at all) the way I did.

Denzel Washington portraying Malcolm X in the off Broadway play, “When the Chickens Come Home to Roost”. During that period in time, the then up and coming director, Spike Lee got together with Denzel to began work on his long-awaited dream project, Malcolm X. This film was shot at various points across the globe of which portrayed what Malcolm X life was about and shown to thousands who admired him while he was alive and thousands more after his assignation.

Malcolm X Daughter, IIyasah Shabazz continues to represent what her father stood for in his absence. You can meet her at and read information that (I hope) will restore your faith about the world as we know it today.
Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X came from two different backgrounds but lectured about the same ideologies that oppresses people of color. Because of that they both were assassinated. That is how Black people are dealt with especially when you can fundamentally bring large groups of Black people together for a common goal. However, as I right about this, the violence that exist today is nothing short of how thing has been since greed took over the earth, and the enslavement of people to benefited the wealthy.

The photo of the Ice carved “X” shown here has been in my possession since 1992. I have not shown or published it. The Ice relict has melted but the image still remains. It is now being published on Word Press perhaps because no one knows it exist. Not even Spike Lee, Denzel Washington or IIyasah Shabazz.

The Peace Express (By Beryl Kunilango)

My wife wanted me to blog her Peace Express e-book for her. Please give a warm hello to my wife.

I was Inspired to write The Peace Express back in 2003. Because of all the unrest in the world today My husband and I wanted to use this platform to share the E-Book with Word Press readers.

I initially, intended on engaging a graphic artist to do the illustrations for the book, when it suddenly occurred to me, why not have kids do them.

The end result being that they could draw on their own experiences and express their feelings, through my words.

I approached Beryl Bailey, the Principal at P. S. 195 where my nephew attends. She was delighted with the idea. Joanne Witz, the school’s librarian introduced me to the kids and helped me coordinate the project.

Children need to feel that they can voice their opinion on how they feel. They want to have peace and feel safe to pursue their dreams.

We as Parents, teachers and elective officials should encourage open dialogue with our children on the subject of peace. Let them know that we share their concerns also and we will work diligently to find solutions to ensure that they have a future.

Anyone can download ‘The Peace Express’ E-Book and look inside to see what the kids had to say back in the year of two thousand seven. My husband has made this possible from off his web page. In order for this to happen he ask that you register for the download.¬†

The Peace Express
6th Graders Contributed to this Book

The illustrations will impress you. We also would like you to show your support by feeling the same way for the kids.

Note: The Peace Express is copyrighted. Downloading this PDF E-Book does not give exclusive rights to forward, reduplicate or sell it, without permission from the author Beryl E Kunilango.

Register for the downloadDownload location

If you decide that you would want a free paperback publication, Contact the author by email:
Thank you for your support and enjoy the e-book.

Best regards
Mr. & Mrs. Nsasi and Beryl Kunilango

Responses Pertaining To My Post

call for peace
The situation going on in Ferguson, USA in my opinion should be discussed and comments should be given on the subject regardless of who the Author is. Understanding other people views lends to awareness. From my point of view, the situation going on in Ferguson is meant for things to get out of hand. I have listened on the news and herd one White women say that “nobody is on the same page.” Which means one group of law enforcers would have a more peaceful approach toward the people on the street while other police groups reacts to the same group of people on the contrary. What would anyone think about that? If the Governor, Mayer and the Ferguson Police Department where on the same page and really wanted to de-escalate thing, they would be guarding the stores to prevent the looting (which appears to be by outsiders), and represent to the citizens who live in Ferguson that they are also protecting them.
Also there has been numerous shootings and gun rallies have taken place at Kroger brand stores in recent years. The company policies that have enabled this to happen are not in line with its core values, which include creating a “safe and secure workplace and shopping environment.”
I just added my name to a petition to Kroger stores calling on them to issue a policy against people openly carrying guns in their stores. I think you and your community should sign too:

Thanks! Nsasi

Senior Citizens Choice Of Phones

Senior citizens don’t buy sophisticated phones. A phone has to fit their needs. Which in a lot of cases, for emergency and to talk. Let me know if you know of a senior person who text or be on a phone every minute of a day. Well, one day two people (a older man and a lady) where talking in a open field (like a park but isn’t one). What they where talking about is how convenient it was to get a phone for any purpose. As they continued to talk, the older gentlemen mentioned that he needed to contact someone across the field. As the lady was pulling out her phone she asked him if the person that he wanted to get in touch with had a cell phone? As he was looking across the field for the person, the lady was handing¬† him a house phone.

cell phone accessory After he saw her phone he thought of the kind of phone he wanted!

rotory cellphone

Food And Safety Imports

I would like to begin with, this post was originally on If you have connected from there thanks for following. Please read on for this important information I’m passing on.

Are you aware of how our imported food “chicken” is shipped from China and not so much processed here in America? Imported food markets are not to careful handling our food and where it is shipped too. Strange, is this something that you should be concerned about?

Sit through the video by MSNBC, and listen about Food And Safety Imports. About MSMBC. This is a T V program that can be watched from your preferred network provider. If you’re not familiar with this type of news coverage, browse through your network program guide to find a channel it broadcast from in your area. View this clip!

Spotlight is on Current Affairs

Hi fellow bloggers, The spotlight is on you. I know many of us have different views; as we should. I would like to share my view on current affairs and ask, why do so many people say dreadful things about the President. They say dreadful things about him and can get away it. That has to be changed. My view on this affair is that some people still think African-Americans don’t have any affairs. Congress is not willing to except the fact that Obama is a great person of whom is trying to do great things for this country and the people in it. How awful is it. You should know. While the President is working for the People, Congress is working against him and the American people. Current affairs have not changed since 2012. Look at this video.

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