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Like yourself, taking picture is to capture time. By me living in the New York Metropolitan area, there are numerous places of interest for me to shoot. Between Tourist and other picture takers that visiting these places, too many of the same type of images are taken and circulated. The time line would vary but the images are considered duplicated. This brings the uses for them down. For that reason I tend to feature the ones I take or have taken, as showcases, expecting nothing to become of them.

A couple of my interest (besides Media Press and Portrait photography) are incidental and Street Shot photography. My incidental images consist of objects that are not likely to exist anymore or not likely to have been photographed before. I filmed a sunset in Barbados and added incidental images to it. The clip is eleven minutes (music by Bob James in the background) and I would like to share it with you. Contact me to get the link to play or download the MP4 file.

Street Shots are my favorite. At any given time (depending on the location) urban streets create interesting opportunities for capturing a moment in time. Meanwhile there is no chance your shot could be captured over and over again. I can create a one of a kind photo that can be replicated but not duplicated. In order for this type of photography to be beneficial for me the image must be timeless and published as an editorial.

Below you can play a one minute clip of which is my second Street Shots (with music and captions) being posted at this time. The images where taken on Fulton St., Brooklyn, NY back in 2007. Select play without flash and HD. When viewing in full mode Images are not as sharp and clear as the original would look. This is because of reducing the quality of a video to upload (a smaller file size) for web viewing.

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I’m now retired and pursuing my long time hobby of photography. The Word Press Community has become a place I didn't know existed. Looking forward to sharing my blog images and content. The content can be out there, but it gets better every time.

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