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It is in my best interest to let readers know that people should refocus on Civil Rights and not just on the tragic death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. The speed with which the shooting of Michael Brown resonated on social media helped propel and transform a local shooting into a national cause. Watch the video on broken Civil Rights in Ferguson, Mo.

All though discrimination practices all across these United States should also be at the forefront on what goes on behind closed doors. It is not something new. Imagine, if you can (because I can’t) That a Blackman in a toy section of a Department Store (holding a toy gun and talking on a cell phone prior to purchasing the toy) is shot to death because a White person(s) call 911. The person felt threatened by the man holding a toy gun. No questions asked, the Police arrive. Saw a Blackman with a toy gun and shot him to death. This to was distorted. All what was said is, it was an accident. An apology is usually the case when a White person murders a Black person.

People of color too often suffer loses of a love one who has died before their time. Ironically, many underprivileged people of color are not covered in the news with the same exposure as Whites are by the White News Media. It is because of Social Media that local (particular) news media find it necessary to follow the coverage to keep up. Normally it would be business as usual, covering only high profile news reporting that brings in the money. Being murdered unjustifiably by the hands of police is the worst possible means for death. The abuse of power is what people of color are enduring everyday.

It breaks my heart to say that men and women died on behalf of the Civil Rights movement back in the sixties. Preserving Civil Rights should be a priority that everyone should be focusing on in the 21st century. With all the problems going on in these United States, it makes people sick knowing that Civil Rights hasn’t resonated for everyone. Instead it is not to be tolerated and should be abolished think some people. Can anyone see through the flaws that shame this country. If so, Word Press should continue to bring people closer to force a solution.
Looking at how Social Media is working in other parts of the world I found a few interesting videos and articles you should take time to look into from the New York times.

The Nigerian social media outlets jokes about the Ebola epidemic. Watch the times video.
In regards to China, I posted Food and Safety Imports along with a video last month. The New York Times has a video that I consider to be a follow up posted on China’s Social Media. It’s about the food safety scare that has roped in McDonald’s, KFC and Starbucks. Watch video

Find out how Spain’s national police embraces Social Media. As if you didn’t know that they are not the only law enforcement agency that uses it to locate people of interest. When a European arrest warrant was issued recently for Brett and Naghemeh King, who took their cancer-stricken child out of a Hampshire hospital in the south of England without permission, the Spanish police did what has become increasingly common in the search for missing or wanted people: They posted an alert on Twitter.
Within three minutes, the police received a Twitter message saying that the British family’s minivan had stopped for gasoline the night before on a highway in Eskoriatza, in northern Spain, and was headed south. In coordination with British authorities, the police centered their search on Spain’s touristy southern coast. Two hours later, they received a call from a hotel receptionist near Málaga, who had seen the police alert and checked the license plate number on the minivan. The parents were then detained. The department’s Twitter account, @policia, has become the most popular maintained account the law enforcement agency has, just ahead of the F.B.I., with a million followers in a country of 47 million people.

I know that what is going on in the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is something to keep a eye on. They are displaying extraordinary deftness with media, using every contemporary mode of messaging to recruit fighters, intimidate enemies and promote its ideology. ISIS propaganda, for instance, has strikingly few calls for attacks on the West, even though its most notorious video, among Americans, released 12 days ago, showed the beheading of the American journalist James Foley, threatened another American hostage, and said that American attacks on ISIS “would result in the bloodshed” of Americans. This diverged from nearly all of ISIS’s varied outputs, which promotes its paramount goal to secure and expand the Islamic state. Experts say that could change overnight, but for now it sharply distinguishes ISIS from Al Qaeda, which has long made attacks on the West its top priority.

On that (whistle) note, lack of vision through Social Media in regards to texting has long become an epidemic. This has rendered too many people unable to communicate among each other verbally and are constently putting themselves in danger not paying attention to what is going on aroud them. Video games potentially and psychologically instill violence in audiences that play them over and over again. With the lack of intelligence among some of our young people today, they shouldn’t be even allowed to purchase or rent them. With little resistance, our youth can be recruited into unlawful engagement against our Government and others. Another problem is how some news outlets, distorts the coverage of breaking news or news in general. Would this be because they are fabricating what is happening based on censorship? Consequently, I believe the Primary reason is based on satisfying TV promoters and sponsors who finance them. Impressionable people often use unfounded information of which they heard, and run with it as if it was the gospel truth. The information being passed around creates rivalry among people of which tares away at the fabric we call common sense.

World Peace
Does your elevator reach the top floor.

If greed was Civil Rights, many people would be rich.

We don’t have to resort to violence against one another in order to coexist.

Listen to John Lennon singing Imagine.

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