‘What Time It Is’ (Does Anyone Know)

I can remember a period in my life, how certain phrases were used to comment about negative events that had consequences because many people were rendered oblivious to the real facts. There is one phrase that I would like to share with (readers) you. It goes like this: ‘Does Anyone Know What Time It Is’?

That particular phrase refers to someone, whose mind has gone dormant, asleep or in other words, the elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top.

Now, I live in the U.S. where wealthy Republican Tea Party Government Officials control a part of our Government called Congress. These men and woman would rather shut down the U.S. Government and stall the progress of the President who is trying to accomplish fair practices for all American citizens in this country. They are bent on blocking meaningful legislation presented to them by the President and the Senate, which is another sector in our Government. The reason is so obvious. What Time Is It! Does Anyone Know? Well, when certain conditions that prevent people from achieving prosperity and are ignored because of prejudices, we should be saying to one another that the time for change is now. That’s what time it is.

Would time stand still when certain aspects of nature renders itself dormant? No! Nature doesn’t work like that. However, consider how the mind can be put to sleep or rendered dormant. Would your body cease to function? Whommm, good question. I also wonder at times, that when we are indulging in our pleasures of life, how many of us are aware of the fact that the distractions around us, hypnotizes the mind. Would that prevent people from realizing what state of mind they are living in? When anyone of us is capable of not becoming a conformist, you would know what time it is. Mind games are always being played on us. The numbing of people’s minds, is another way (in my opinion) that keeps us from realizing the pain others are enduring.

World Peace
If your elevator goes to the top.

In conclusion, I would wish that all conscious minded, non-conformist people around the globe would find a way to communicate, and establish a set precedent that would get everyone to be on the same page regardless of time zones. This would let our perspective politicians know that without people, they will not make another dime. They should be made to understand that by not doing the right thing by us we could strike until they start working with us and not against us. Let’s let them know we want to stop playing mind games before we destroy our selves.

From my perspective, when people are not in control of their own destiny, they adhere to decisions made that are not in their best interest. Our oppressors are the people who are delusional and will never know What Time It Is.
I’m looking for this blog to become an open discussion.

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I’m now retired and pursuing my long time hobby of photography. The Word Press Community has become a place I didn't know existed. Looking forward to sharing my blog images and content. The content can be out there, but it gets better every time.

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