To Whom Does The Blame Belong On – The Shooters Or The Victims

call for peace
As put by Cliff Kincaid 8/18/14, “The images and scenes we continue to see in Ferguson resemble war more than traditional police action,” wrote Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) in the Time magazine. The allegations about the “militarization” of police were picked up by dozens of media outlets, on the left and right, and made the libertarian Republican Senator into a media darling. But they were designed to make the police look bad for protecting themselves and their community. – It turns out that the “militarization of police” is a sensational term for police officer safety in the face of drug gangs, crazy gunmen and race riots.
On Saturday August 16th suggested that law enforcement might be working at cross-purposes as tensions again mount. To further insight the protesters, there are conflicting reports regarding why the police officer shot and killed Michael Brown. First it was that a video was release showing Brown robbing a convenience store for cigars. In another news release Brown was said to have robbed a liquor store. One more statement was that Brown was being stopped for jaywalking and not for a robbery. The attempt to justify Police killing and beating Black people by criminalizing them after the fact is coincidental. The Police code of conduct is to protect their own even if it means painting the victim as a violent of a crime to justify any action that was taken. This is a stigma that plays out well when a white Police Officer kills a Black Person. With the constant attacks on Blacks by white Police only infuses the hatred between the two. I know for a few of us, when the topic comes up, racism is always an excuse. We can’t keep running from the truth now that it is played out for everyone to see. It just keep happening over and over. Ferguson is on notice, watch this to see for yourself> link

If in a cases a Black Policemen kills a unarmed White Person (not something I am aware of), the Police Officer would have to relinquish his gun and badge pending investigation. Up to date, all across this country, when a Black man is shot and or killed by a White man with a legel fire arm gets to hold on to his weapon pending an investigation. Trayvon Martin is a prime example. When Blacks are looked upon and treated as they are less than a human beings, deprived of civil rights and fair access to jobs along with providing the lack of proper education for Black children, corralling them to grow up in substandard living conditions.

When you have young Blacks be told about the death of Maya Angelou an African American author, publisher, poet, dancer, actress and singer only get major news coverage of her death from only the Black Media. It adds up to another insult that reminds them that even when you show what you are made of, it doesn’t matter if you are not White.

If a sealed container is kept under pressure what happens. It explodes because it can only hold its composure as long as the pressure doesn’t exceed above a certain point. I call it the breaking point. If someone doesn’t have one, it isn’t human.
I read this statement by Ed Warren who wrote: “Diabolical forces are formidable. These forces are external, and they exist today. The fary tale is true, the Devil exist. God exist, and for us, as people, our very destiny hinges upon which one we elect to follow.”
Personally, I took at what Mr. Warren said and applied it to mean that two different mantalities exist. One is diabolical forces that are determined to distroy life, while the other is hinged on preserve life.

On the streets of Ferguson, Mo., and perhaps in parts of the rest of America, it’s felt as a fundamental injustice, perceptible by the sense of touch that no one with the power to do anything cares about the unarmed black teenager, dead on a Midwestern street, the victim of police gunshots!

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