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call for peace
The situation going on in Ferguson, USA in my opinion should be discussed and comments should be given on the subject regardless of who the Author is. Understanding other people views lends to awareness. From my point of view, the situation going on in Ferguson is meant for things to get out of hand. I have listened on the news and herd one White women say that “nobody is on the same page.” Which means one group of law enforcers would have a more peaceful approach toward the people on the street while other police groups reacts to the same group of people on the contrary. What would anyone think about that? If the Governor, Mayer and the Ferguson Police Department where on the same page and really wanted to de-escalate thing, they would be guarding the stores to prevent the looting (which appears to be by outsiders), and represent to the citizens who live in Ferguson that they are also protecting them.
Also there has been numerous shootings and gun rallies have taken place at Kroger brand stores in recent years. The company policies that have enabled this to happen are not in line with its core values, which include creating a “safe and secure workplace and shopping environment.”
I just added my name to a petition to Kroger stores calling on them to issue a policy against people openly carrying guns in their stores. I think you and your community should sign too:

Thanks! Nsasi

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