Senior Citizens Choice Of Phones

Senior citizens don’t buy sophisticated phones. A phone has to fit their needs. Which in a lot of cases, for emergency and to talk. Let me know if you know of a senior person who text or be on a phone every minute of a day. Well, one day two people (a older man and a lady) where talking in a open field (like a park but isn’t one). What they where talking about is how convenient it was to get a phone for any purpose. As they continued to talk, the older gentlemen mentioned that he needed to contact someone across the field. As the lady was pulling out her phone she asked him if the person that he wanted to get in touch with had a cell phone? As he was looking across the field for the person, the lady was handing  him a house phone.

cell phone accessory After he saw her phone he thought of the kind of phone he wanted!

rotory cellphone

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