On The Street Photography

I’m sure you have seen something interesting while walking on a vacation or just around town. Did you have your camera? I make it a point to occasionally take my camera out for a walk and shoot interesting things or people (unaware) doing something. In the past I shot with an analog (film) camera, now it’s all about digital. As it is, I consider what I do in regard to taking pictures to be a hobby. However, I have been dealing with photography for some time and have acquired Press credentials and submit images of my work on Stock Photo websites. With the education and equipment that I have, would make me a professional by standards. On the other hand, I did not take on photography as a full time endeavor because of work. Now that I have retired, photography has become full time and I don’t have to make up much time to become professional. I like to share my work with others to get feedback and get constructive critiques from photographers and friends. Not everything I shoot is on time which does lend to be considered off the wall, but I mostly shoot for creativity. I would like you to visit my Gallery site and register for free downloads of my work. I built this site as an extension of what I’m doing on a Commercial Free Stock Photo website. If you look at some of my images that exist on that site you will see that they are being sold. However, I do add images that can be downloaded for free. They are registered and will not be sold or included on websites as your own. They are for your personal keep sake and this is why I do this. Click here for my Gallery website and do like me for this post and the others to come, like this and other educational and funny things.

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I’m now retired and pursuing my long time hobby of photography. The Word Press Community has become a place I didn't know existed. Looking forward to sharing my blog images and content. The content can be out there, but it gets better every time.

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