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Many people that use the camera on their phones may not be looking for the picture to become immortalize. It’s more than likely going to be forwarded some ware or to someone. What happens after that? It stays in the phone and takes up space then perhaps becomes irrelevant. I would like say that one or more may make it to a photo center to be enlarged up to an 8×10 and have it printed. I hope that experience was a pleasant one. Not all cell phones are meant for printing in larger sizes. Maybe up to an 5×7 and that is not guaranteed. Yes your pictures look great in the phone. However, how many people have knowledge of how images should be taken and for what? If just for the sake of having the picture in the phone and for nothing else that’s fine. What I would like to discus is that you don’t have to be a professional photographer with expensive equipment. The thing to know is how to compose the image intended to become a picture. Another thing is that as a cell phones picture taker, you should know that a cell phone doesn’t know what your intentions are. They only can record images that they are programed to record. They can be less capable of recording images then a automatic camera. How does it know if it need to record by speed or by exposure. In general, exposure is what it is sensing so a flash is needed to compensate for both speed and any lake of exposure. Other factors come into play about many cell phone cameras. One is color temperature. Another could be the flash to distance between the subject. So, if you don’t see the results you where looking for, now you have an idea as to why. As a photographer myself, with training. I should say that it takes many shots to get that exceptional photograph. Point and shoot has never been my forte but to be honest. I screwed up many shots doing just that. So take it from me I know the difference. I learnd from time, knowing your equipment and it’s capability lends to taking great pictures (images).

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I’m now retired and pursuing my long time hobby of photography. The Word Press Community has become a place I didn't know existed. Looking forward to sharing my blog images and content. The content can be out there, but it gets better every time.

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